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Marketing for Roofers

If you tired of all the empty promises or buying roofing leads from big name companies without a good ROI – we can help! Roofer Marketers in Jacksonville is the leader in helping roofers take their businesses to the next level.


Jacksonville Digital Marketing has helped over 30 roofing and gutter companies with websites, SEO, content creation etc. Our experience with any service industry is unmatched. Because we have had such great success, we want to share some of our best DIY roofing marketing tips. 98% of customers looking for a roofing company do some research online marketing for roofers has never been more important. Whether it’s checking reviews or just looking up an address, roofing companies have to have a stellar online image.

At the moment, there are a few national marketing for roofers sites being posted everywhere markeing companies and brokers that stay at the top of the local search listing due to the shear amount they spend on ads, their websites and content. They can do this because they are subbing their work! They get hired and give the work to someone from another country that doesn’t know anything about your local ares.

Thankfully, you have found us! The number 1 tip for hiring a roofer marketing company is HIRE LOCAL! Here are a few bullet points why

  • Google records all locations of managers and people who work on your site. So, if you hire a large agency from California, google will be confused and dock “points” from your site
  • Supporting your local web designer is great for business – they may need a roof or be able to refer you someone in the community because they are always talking to new people
  • Your local web designer will be able to give you great tips for online marketing for roofers in your area instead of national, diluted information

We know why lead generation for roofers is important, but how can you do it affordably and without taking up too much of your time? The answer is digital marketing for roofers. If you’ve ever wondered how to get more local moving leads, follow the steps below to turn your business into a roofer marketing machine.

Quick Tips for roofer marketing

  • Get an automatic quote form implemented on your site.
  • Have a digital marketing company check your SEO
  • Do some retargeted ads
  • Get a Google Business Listing
  • Write a blog
  • Set up email automation

If you are fed up trying to execute a strategy, we are happy to help as the top digital marketing for roofers.


1. Establish An Automated Lead Funnel On Your Website

If you haven’t invested in a roofing website design, yet, one of the best things you can do for your business is to create a website. A website acts as your roofing business’s online storefront—it’s an essential part of a strong online presence and gives your potential moving customers a place to:

  • Establish your brand
  • Check rates and review
  • Find out about services
  • Get educated on the roofing process
  • Gather lead info

Without professional roofer website design, your business might as well not exist at all.  Getting a nice, responsive website for a roofing company does not need to cost a fortune. Our prices for a basic site start at $500 which can be paid for with revenue from your first move. Invest in roofing company website design and start generating more local roofing leads. Our service include establishing a lead funnel to capture and automatically respond to leads.

2. Post Responder

Networking online with sites like nextdoor, facebook and other local neighborhood sites is sure to get you some roofing leads. A local roofing digital marketing agency can set up autoresponse whenever someone on a forum asks for a roofing recommendation.

3. Pay Per Click For Roofing Companies

A good PPC and SEM campaign is one roofing company advertising idea that’s been proven time and again to generate quality roofing leads.

While Google is the most popular search engine for these types of campaigns. With over 20 years of PPC experience with roofer companies, we have accounts and tests already run saving you thousands with a company that needs to “test the market.” We have done all of that work.

Most larger companies are paying $30+ per click for “roofers” so when hiring a PPC marketing company for roofing – you could lose thousands at the testing phase. Jacksonville Digital Marketing already has specific phrases in your local area that work!

4. Articles and Content Creation for Roofers

Creating content for your ideal roofing customers is a great way to get more local roof repair leads. Consider writing blog posts and articles that you can post on your website, and make it easy for your audience to share that content on their social media. This is also a service that our Jacksonville Digital Marketing Agency offers.

We have seen roofers that try to do this themselves and end up ranking for keywords like Home Depot or various supply stores. This could skew what google thinks of your site so you need to be very careful.

If you think these tips are helpful or you would like to hire Jacksonville Digital Marketing to handle these key steps to get you on the “first page,” get in touch today!