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Digital hacking begins with experience and knowledge of market. Our marketing team has perfected a special sauce of local backlinks, SEO enhancements and extreme knowledge of every facet of web development to ensure your brand is not only found but searched for.


Because our team has been helping small, mid and large businesses update their sites for 20 years, we are able to help businesses with all budgets increase their engagment and conversions in North Florida. Buzz us today for a free website analysis and what we can do to help.


Its no surprise that Expertise.com has chosen Jacksonville Digital Marketing as the top digital marketing agency for 2022. Our strategy is complete, transparent and will give your results the first digital marketing company you hired couldn’t deliver. We work with each of our clients and develop specific plans for their industry. 


For years, we have been adding backlinks with relevant information about Jacksonville and all of north Florida. Our team provides newsletters to new residents and well as those who were FL born and raised. The bottom line is your return on investment when partnering with Jacksonville Digital Marketing. Whether you are looking for brand awareness, followers or conversions, we will make sure you ROI is in line with expectations.

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There are thousands of digital marketing hacks to grow a business. Almost every company that is in your area is most likely doing these same hacks. And if everyone is a digital marketing hacker, no one is. So, what can you do to really set yourself apart? Hiring a local digital marketing agency is the first step. Jacksonville Digital Marketing can help any industry in north Florida get a leg up over the competition and help increase your organic reach and help your targeted customers find you easily. Here are a few ways to get this done:

1. Growth Marketing

No matter how many visitors your website generates, if you aren’t compelling them to give you their information, those raw numbers can’t be leveraged in the same way as when a prospect gives you their name, email, phone number, etc.

Several marketing hacks to capture leads in an efficient manner include:

-Run a Contest or Giveaway

-Combine Interests With Other Local Businesses

-Gated Content

2. Short Clip Video Marketing

Video is one of the most digested forms of media across the board. Every social platform invests heavily in video data. Short clips with excellent video seo and quick information that helps a consumer does very well. Our digital marketing agency in Jacksonville can put together expert videos that can be cut, clipped and reused for excellent visibility in your Jacksonville.

3. Targeted Landing Pages

Once someone has clicked your ad, where you send them next can either make or break your campaign. Our digital hacking team can build a landing page that is unique and should have content curated for their particular client/

Consistency and message match are essential characteristics of an optimized search ad because they create personalized advertising experiences for the search user.

4. Focus On Analytics

Understanding your current and historical data, ascribing attribution, and making sure you’re earning the greatest possible ROI from your digital marketing campaigns. From visitor count and keywords, to built-in “heat maps” to see what customers are looking at and what makes them convert into a sale.










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“I have been working at Jax Digital for about three years after a few shorter stints at some other local website design companies in Jacksonville and St Augustine.  Jax Digital has the best team, resources and ultimately settled here because they are simply the best in Jacksonville.”

Anastai Rose

Website Revolutionizer, JAX DIGITAL

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